SIDEWALK Surround Samples

SIDEWALK Surround Sound Samples & 5.1 also: Introduction

Hey guys, we know you all are waiting for some big updates in following months and we are working on it, but having deals with talented sample pack,ultimate guitar pack manufacturers are sometimes hard to maintain. We are going to have some new hip hop packs coming up soon for sure but meanwhile we have SIDEWALK NEAR THE MARKET PLACE and 5.1 stereo as well. As a hip hop producer this type of experiments with new sampling technology give you lots of new creative oportunities to make new cut sounds for your brand new hip hop tracks, this is where you want to be when making new stuff like DJ Shadow been doing in his ruling time. So if you want to keep up with the new stuff coming up check up this surround sample pack.


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The Content

Here you will get simply for free a great deal o surround sounds and samples free of charge you can make amazing beat with them without any problems give them a try and share your opinion upon the matter of surround sample packs and the future of sampling. have a Great Day !