The Best Instrumental Hip Hop Beats

Everyone knows that to make hiphop beats, you need good samples. Some time ago we have been talking about beatboxing. Today I will show you cool instrumental hip hop samples. So without further hesitation take a look at:

Frose Instrumental Hip Hop Beats

This samples pack has it all.

  • Size: 2,27 GB unzipped content
  • Formats: Wav & GIG multi samples

This means that you have tons of hight quality music stuff for your projects. This giant instrumental hip hop samples pack features:

  • About 1000 drum samples and loops: kicks, snares, hats, cowbells, bongos, cymbals and lots of other crazy drum stuff
  • Almost 150 synth loops, sounds and scratches
  • 30 instrumental beats made from 170 samples
  • Over 50 vinyl cracks, scratches and sounds of flutes, sax, upright bass, violin, whistles

All you need to do now is to download this samples bundle at reduced by 30% price from our partner site:

Frose Instrumental Beats download