Trance Sample Packs: Three Parts of Intensity Check This Out!

Trance Sample Packs: The Insanity

I know guys some of you isn’t found of techno or trance music, but you may as well need some samples if you are making some experiments with sounds, and why is it that I’m encouraging you to check up this magnificent setup of three packs full of genre that might not interest you now? Because it countains many really helpful things to build up beats and such.

I’ll try to break down to pieces this bundle to show you what elements it contains, each part will have a direct link. Many of these contruction kit may be built into really awesome tracks, you got there some great ready made bass line with which you can tweak no problem. Also you will experience the variety of drum loops which you can cut into smaller samples and make awesome tricky beats. The First Pack Goes!

Part One: Download Here!

– 20 Construction Kits / 362 bass lines, synth lead lines and pads
– 20 midi trance melodies

– 50 Claps
– 100 cymbals
– 100 kicks
– 50 snares

– 57 Drum Beats 140 BPM
– 02 Drum Beats 150 BPM
– 50 Drum Loops 128 BPM
– 59 Drum Loops 140 BPM
– 35 Trance Loops 140 BPM

– 27 Bonus Fx
– 12 Down Fx
– 05 Echo Fx
– 30 Hit Fx
– 26 Noise Fx
– 50 Up Fx

Part Two: Download Here!

Detailed content

10 Trance construction kits / 229 samples
10 Multitrack midi samples
50 Drum loops
100 Trance Drums (kicks, claps, snares, hihats, rides, crash)
100 Sound effects (down/up-filters, reverbkicks, reverse, gated, trance)

This one concentrates on synths and sound effects

Part Three: Download Here!

Detailed content

10 Trance construction kits (318 samples)
10 Multitrack midi samples
100 Drum loops
100 Trance Drums (kicks, claps, snares, hihats)
100 Sound effects (down/up-filters, hits, reverse fx, misc fx)

A lot of sound effects, fantastic drum loops and many more production tools.