MIDI controller Computer keyboard Tutorial

Introduction to Midi Controller

The computer keyboard is not able to completely replace a real MIDI controller, but for some applications, it might be enough. For example it’s doing quite well as a simple drum pad. To be able to send MIDI data via a simple computer keyboard, we will need two things. First, a MIDI driver, responsible for creation of virtual MIDI channels, which can carry messages. Second, a program that will be able to convert our commands, made by keyboard keys, into MIDI messages.

What are we going to need:

MIDI Yoke – driver, that creates virtual MIDI channels. (if the links doesn’t work, you can download the newest version from the MIDI OX web page).

  • Bome’s Mouse Keyboard – this program converts the commands from the computer into MIDI messages. If the link doesn’t work, download the program from the Bome website (Mouse Keyboard > Download). It’s merely one of several virtual keyboards you can use. I chose this one, simply because it is nice done, you can of course use many others, simply search for „software midi keyboard). After the installation, you will have to reboot your computer, after that your keyboard can work as a MIDI controller.

Output can be set to Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth:

midi controller-Now we can play on any instrument from the General MIDI set, we can change the necessary colour as well.

-If we want to use our keyboard to control any instrument, we have to select: OUT To MIDI Yoke in the keyboard settings.

While in the program you want to control, you have to select the input: IN From MIDI Yoke: 1.

If we didn’t change anything, it should be:

– keys from Z to / – sounds from C1 to E2

– keys from S to : (without F and K) are the black keys from Cis1 to Dis2

– keys from Q to ] – sounds from C2 to G3

– keys from 2 to + (except of 4, 8 and -) are the black keys from Cis2 to Fis3

Bome’s Mouse Keyboard is quite intuitive program. I won’t be describing how to change a semitone or octave up/down and other functions, because it’s really quite easy, and certainly everyone will be able to do that. There aren’t too many settings, it will take only a couple of minutes to become a ‚master’ of this program.

For curious: Help > Help Index.

Remember, if you want everything to work properly, remember to always keep the keyboard on top (active window). This may help: select Options > Stay on top.