Hip Hop Drum Beats: Classic Hip Hop Samples Bundle Check It Out!

Welcome back to the world of hip hop samples!


And here we are we a fresh update of sample connected to yours favourite genre: hip hop. Today we want to give you some classic vibes, asian samples,hip hop drum beats you’ve never encountered before!
Behold because we present to you an amazing bundle containing fresh goodies which will for sure help you build some great hip hop tracks and solo beats.
Here you can find really interesing warm bass guitar sounds which are common goods when it comes to building up the rythm section of you beats and the other aspect which is really obvious is the drum beat, and this hip hop classic bundle will not let you down it has so many good drum beats you wont believe if you wont try it out. So check out the link below!

Hip Hop Drum Beats: Click Here!


Classic Hip-Hop Drum Beats Content:

101 Drum Loops
130 Drum Loops (Processed)
288 Guitar Basses
288 Guitar Basses (Processed)

What else do you need to start your hip hop beat making machine?
This hip hop drum beat classic bundle will give you everything essential to make crazy fresh beats and tracks.

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