Hip Hip Samples : High Quality instrumental sample pack two parts

Hip Hop Samples: Check This Up

This time we will show you the best commercial sample packs available out there, first of all we are picking up samples suitable for hip hop music producers.
Frose is one of those producers you should definitely check up very fast, he is specialise in vintage retro samples which are available in the best quality formats. You can use them to create anything from RnB, rap beats to everything you want to. Frose composed two parts of instrumental samples packs which are the most amazing hip hop samples you can get out there.

Check out the demo in the link below:

Hip Hop Samples: Part One!

hip hop samples

Hip Hop Samples: Part Two!

hip hop samples

Both contain massive amount of essential music production tools mostly if you are a professional music producer or amateur dj you wont regret picking up this sample packs.
It is really impressive how Frose could come up with so fresh yet retro sounding samples.

Drum Loops

Cheers! and be sure to tune in for more information about you favourite samples!