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Welcome folks it is time to finally open up the segment of our blog which had been in construction for a long time, after many struggles, lots of effort and hardwork we managed to save up some creativity and make up a couple of dj sample packs which can be without any moral issues downloaded for free from our hip hop genre oriented blog. Whats funny and amazing at the same time hip hop producers tend to produce new beats and basslines from tracks definitely out of hip hop genre. This is amazing and we are going to give up away many sounds apart from hip hop.
For now we would like to start up with a classic. Sometimes it is really good to look up to roots and classic sounds and this is what our first sample pack is about.

Frose: Focused On The Beats

An overwhelming journey into the retro classic beat style destroying you with the sound of nostalgia. I am sure it will fit any hip hop fan taste.
Everything done in this sample pack is subtle and mindblowingly brings back the times when it was all about the beat. Frose really is an artist which makes high quality stuff and you guys really should give the pack a try.

Download DJ Sample Packs: Froses Hip Hop Beats.

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